American vs German

Tweet The answer to the question, “What is the difference between a German Rottweiler and an American Rottweiler?” It’s quite simple, it’s the STANDARD…. There are a few different Standards written out there. For now, we only need to consider two of them. The American Kennel Club or AKC Standard and the Fédération Internationale Cynologique  or FCI […]



Diet & Home Remedies

Tweet Diet: Our Puppies Are Raised On “4Health Puppy Formula” And/Or “Diamond Naturals Lamb & Rice Large Breed Puppy”… Both Are A 4 Star Dry Food…. Along With Raw Hamburger 3x A Week, Yogurt Every Other Day, Eggs Every Other Day, Goat’s Milk Daily And Cottage Cheese Daily! Yum! We Add A Fish Oil Supplement […]

Why we love the “Rottweiler” 5

Tweet South Carolina Surrounded by Plantations in the Lowcountry 843-844-7008 or 843-597-5443 My husband’s family has loved and raised rottweilers for 30  years….. I fell in love with the breed instantly and have had rotts for 12 years now…..  Once you’ve owned a Rottweiler, you will never be content with any other breed!!….. They are the most […]

Soshi Roya litter2

Green Boy3

Wildscape’s Motto 11

Tweet “You will never be content with any other breed”   If You Care And Love Your Rottweiler Properly, He Or She Will Be A Loyal Friend For Life. The Bond Between You Two Will Be Unbreakable And Wonderful. They Become Protectors Of Your Family And Will Bond With All Family Members. You Will Become […]